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From the curb back, Fix 4 Sale Renovations has the solutions to your home improvement and renovation problem when selling your house.


Interior Painting

A Fresh Coat Of Paint Just Gives Your Home That "WOW" factor To A Potential Buyer


Exterior Painting

Curb Appeal & That All Important First Impression When Selling Your Home


kitchens, baths, & remodels

One of The Best Ways To Increase The Value of Your Home is To Upgrade Your Flooring

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As-is Value
Project Cost
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Fix 4 Sale is the answer!

We work with a group of expert General Contractors, licensed, insured, bonded, and proven professionals in the Atlanta Metro area. We will provide you with everything you need to get more cash for your house – all in one place!

If you qualify, we don’t need to check your credit because we will use the profit you make when you sell your home to pay for your improvements. There’s no hit on your credit file or your credit rating.

Our team will work with your professional advisers to confirm that the improvements made to your home will provide the funds you need to pay us, and still leave the closing table with cash in your pocket.  

Why Homeowners Work with Fix 4 Sale?

Would you make repairs or improvements to your home if it didn’t cost you any up front money? Most people would – there’s always something you could do to get a higher sale price.

Maybe you need to replace your HVAC system before it breaks again.

Maybe the dogs have put deep scratches into your lovely real wood floors.

Maybe the kitchen hasn’t been updated since 1980 and really needs a refresh.

So, what’s standing in your way? Money? You don’t feel like using your cash to pay for those updates, and you know that taking on new debt with a loan or credit card is a very bad idea when you’re about to apply for a new mortgage on your next home.

How it Works

A smart, speedy, stress-free



Does your home need a new coat of paint, new flooring or a kitchen refresh? You can get the work done today with no up front cost or credit required!


Your home will be competitive with other homes on the market. You won’t get lowball offers or interest from home flippers, and you’ll sell for Top Dollar!



The extra profit you get from selling your home will more than pay for the improvements you made. And, you’ll walk away from your closing with more cash than you thought possible!

What they say about us

Listen to what our realtors and home sellers have to say about our services

Tanya Clarke

VIrtual Properties Realty

I have done several projects with Greg from Fix 4 Sale Renovation, they are awesome!

Elhandji Mbodji


After my home sat on the market for weeks, Fix 4 Sale Renovations came in with a solution that allowed me to get the work done on my home and get max value.

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