Do you shy away from listing homes that need work? Do homeowners typically think their home is worth far more than it is? Are you getting competition from the “internet offer” type businesses?

Fix 4 Sale Can Make You a Real Estate Hero!

Do you cringe when you arrive at a listing appointment only to find that the home needs work? And, if you’re like most REALTORS® your listing clients almost always think their home is worth more than what the market will bear.When you collaborate with Fix 4 Sale, you get to be the hero.

You can get your sellers the price they want, and they won’t need to spend a dime up front. You’ll get a reputation as the real estate miracle worker. And, when you find sellers who know that their home needs work, you can rise above all the companies giving cash offers to sellers over the internet.

You can offer your sellers the profit from their home that the internet offer folks would keep for themselves – with no out of pocket costs!

There are No Credit Hits for Your Sellers

Since we get paid at closing, your clients won’t need a credit check that will affect their credit rating.

They won’t need to take on additional debt right before they apply for a mortgage on their next home.We’re a group of expert General Contractors, Real Estate Agents, and Title Agents in the Atlanta Metro area.

Our licensed, insured, bonded, and proven Contractors get the work done right the first time. And, they’re quick!We’ll work with you to confirm that your sellers will get the profit they need at closing to pay for the home’s improvements.

Contact us to learn how to get your cape. Well, we’re not really giving away capes. But working with Fix 4 Sale will make you a hero.

What repairs will Fix 4 Sale fund?

Any repair or improvement that maximizes the value of the home is eligible for Fix 4 Sale. It is up to you and the realtor to decide what work should be done to maximize the value of their home.

How do I qualify?

We determine their eligibility by checking:

1. What comparable homes have recently sold for in the area.

2. How much they owe on the house.

3. Your estimated sale price once the repairs are complete.